Are you tired today or it is your… thyroid?

Are you tired of feeling exhausted for no particular reason? You feel sick and fatigue but no one can tell you what is actually wrong with you?
Welcome to my (hypo)thyroid world, full of unexplained phenomenons, which I am trying to clarify and understand every day. THYROID – this powerful butterfly-shaped gland located in front of my neck has changed my life completely.
If you do not suffer from hypothyroidism, but you are interested in:
  • the best, cruelty free make up and skin care cosmetics on the market,
  • top superfoods & supplements,
  • living long, happy, healthy life,
…you are in a perfect place 🙂 

I am thyroid today blog

This is a true story how one diagnose can change your life… paradoxically for better. Why? Because you finally start to care for yourself and appreciate your being. In age of 24 I changed my eating habits, lifestyle, everything. If you are interested why and how it happened – keep reading.
On my blog you will mainly find basic information about hypothyroidism, which also can take the more serious form called Hashimoto’s – such a common disease nowadays, but  unfortunately frequently ignored by some doctors (pay attention to word SOME).
Moreover I will check:
  • what supplements are really natural (not just named as natural),
  • which of them may give you more energy,
  • what does it really mean organic,
  • why you should absolutely avoid gluten (no, it is not just a trend)
I will also share something about what women like the most – cosmetics.


I would like to inspire and to get inspired – we can share our experiences, recipes and tips helping in fighting with under active thyroid gland symptoms and just to live healthy. You can really change quality of your life – it is your choice. Why don’t you try today?

Important note:
 I am not a doctor, I base on my experiences and observations only. Some solutions worked for me, for my friends and family, but may not work for you. Everyone is different, remember. I am not judging anyone and I am not against any doctor (even after being told that nothing was wrong with me but in reality I was very sick). Also I am not judging your choices of thyroid treatments; I am doing what I know and feel is the best for me, you can choose something else. I would never share anything which I know could be harmful for anyone. Remember also that with hypothyroidism there is no guarantee that with perfect blood tests numbers you would feel perfect – people suffering from hypothyroidism – you know what I am talking about. It is your choice if you rely on a numbers of norms for thyroid (set up once for everyone from babies, children, adults to a very old ones), or your real, human feelings and observations of your body. I wish you only good choices.